The Institute

The Austrian Institute of Ecology was founded in Vienna in 1985 as a non-profit, non-governmental research organisation. In 1991 an other office were opened in Bregenz. About 20 employees from different disciplines work on innovative ideas and strategies to achieve sustainable development. As a result of our versatile profile, we are able to target the specific needs of our clients.

The Institute is organised in four departments:

  • Construction, Urban and Regional Development: Urban and regional development, facility development and building consultancy, nature protection & landscape conservation, leisure & tourism, mobility research, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), sustainable event management
    • Resource Management: Waste management and waste minimisation, sustainable products and services, cleaner production, optimisation of resources and eco-management systems, renewable raw material, efficiency and renewabel energy
    • Communication, Information and Participation: Education and communication concepts, information systems and knowledge transfer, web design, graphic design, public relations, editing and layout of publications, design and completion of participation processes
    • Society, Science and Technology: Consumption and nutrition, energy consumption and climate change, technology policy and risk assessment, social topics of sustainability, gender and diversity issues, research education cooperations, empowerment and new governanc